Lambert-St. Louis International Airport (STL)

Address: 10701 Lambert International Blvd
Phone: (314) 890-1333
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  • Jason Wagner

    To get through security quickly, have liquids and computers out of ur bag and shoes and coats off and put it all on the belt to scan. Toss the water or down it. Babies out of their carriers too!
  • Michael Giardino

    the subway is like $3.75 and will take you right downtown. cabs are like $40 and the shuttle is $21. go public transportation. upstairs by ticketing.
  • SkyMall

    When being picked up at the STL airport, its easier to meet your ride on the upper level after you get your luggage. Both the elevator and the escalator are handy and its not a lot of walking.
  • SkyMall

    Hungry in St Louis Airport at 3am? No problem! The Great American Bagel Bakery is open 24 hours, located before security in the main terminal.
  • Kathleen Souder

    Avoid checking luggage if at all possible, with the exception of Southwest. Baggage claim takes an average of 30 minutes.
  • Doug Devitre

    Get picked up at the upper level by ticketing and departing flights. Too confusing to find cars on lower level pick up.
  • Tom Hernandez

    Take the flight going somewhere warm!!!
  • Stephanie Schmidt

    filming site for all the airport scenes in george clooney's movie up in the air.
  • Stephen? Sheppard

    It takes longer to get your checked bag here than it does to check-in and go through security
  • Nicole Hudson

    When C gate security is madness, go to B gates.
  • Zach Ware

    Avoid the Burger King and the Wolfgang Puck Pizza place in Term C. Chili's is your best bet.
  • Jason Wagner

    If you're in the east terminal in a huge security line look left- 5/6 are usually less crowded if they're open!
  • Dena Schweitzer

    the USO here is the best one I've ever been to. thank you uso volunteers.
  • Ryan Berryhill

    This place sucks.
  • Jason Rosenbaum

    If you're confused why the airport looks a little rough, it's because it was hit by a tornado.
  • Chris X M.

    Be sure to sign up for the program TSA pre-check. It is a fantastic program and will save Tons of time at Lambert Airport. C gates have a rapid entry point where you don't have to remove shoes, etc.
  • Chris Paton

    the ban on carrying on liquids includes gift boxes of kahlua folks. arguing with security will not change this.
  • andy ford

    Getting completely nude will not speed up the security process.
  • Riverfront Times

    2011 RFT Best of St. Louis Winner - Best Public Restroom.
  • Melissa Wykle

    You are either coming or going just make sure you know which is which!
  • Hilary Perkins

    The baggage carts are free here. That's helpful!
  • Chris Anthes

    Watch out for those tornadoes.
  • Patrick McCue

    $9.95 for wifi? WTF is this? Wifi should be free for travelers. St. Louis Airport gets a 4.5/10 in my book
  • Jamie Robinson

    Don't live in St. Louis.
  • Riverfront Times

    RFt 2012 Best of St. Louis Winner - Best Place for a Last Date
  • Scott Bishop

    Dt Mt Dew are in a vending machine by E20. It's your only option for flying SW
  • Nabil L

    When taking off your shoes and belt, be sure to work it into a dance routine.
  • Brian Lloyd

    Sit down until your zone is called.
  • Igor

    An historic airport. Nelly used to buy all his face band aids here duty free.
  • rosie siman

    Avoid the bathrooms by baggage claim unless you want to be hassled by religious fanatics, to whom the airport actually gives an official booth!
  • Steve Baron

    The food selection here blows.
  • Jake Meinking

    Go though first class line and just act as if
  • H. Alan Scott

    The TSA agents are the toughest in the country. All approved liquids in a baggy or it's OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!!
  • Patrick Corrigan

    The snack and gift shop by Gate E6 has fantastic Sour Patch Kids. What a great batch!
  • Scott Miller

    Get lambert s throwed rolls

    Touchdown here. Hopefully the Rams score some this weekend vs. the Redskins.
  • Nathaniel Boxx

    Plug in at the Southwest lounge chairs.
  • Elizabeth White

    STL needs free WIFI and additional security checkpoints in the morning; line is always so damn long it's ridic! :-p
  • @AndrewFoodie

    The women at the Starbucks in the Southwest terminal have a great sense of humor.
  • Jen Stoker

    Awesome asiago bagel at the great American bagel!
  • Mike Tenholder

    Concourse A security was very smooth. Took less than 5 minutes. Give the TSA a break. We travelers can be a pain.
  • Eric Nell

    Get a good game to play on your phone while you wait at baggage claim. Slowest luggage carousel in the country.
  • Ben Schroeder

    Just thank God you're not in Chicago!
  • Nick Gass

    Don't get hit by a tornado. Enjoy the boarded-up windows.
  • Elyse Estrada

    Never be the guy who carries his own pillow on the plane. Also don't be the guy that carries giant stuffed animals. Lastly, don't be the guy that lets your kids - or you - wear neck pillows. Ever.
  • NAKID in St. Louis

    Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly awayyyy!
  • Scott W

    United leaves a lot to be desired. They have serious customer service issues. My recommendation is call customer service, complain to them (nicely), they will hook you up with $$$ toward next flight.
  • Mark Caccavale

    United is Atrocious. I explained that I'd been fuc*d the last three times I've flown with them (2 month period) To which the supervisor said "then fly a different airline." loyalty be damned I guess.
  • Matthew Hurst

    No visit to STL is complete until you visit @Schlafly, and if you're heading out of town you can visit their Tap Room in Terminal D.
  • Rob R.

    check out Schlafly Beer on concourse C...the tater tots are cool along with the Hefeweizen!
  • Katherine Vicari

    The CPK in the East Terminal does not give their customers cups for water. I'm still thirsty.
  • Nate Davidson

    Make sure you know how to proceed through security BEFORE getting to line.
  • Scott Bishop

    Skip the line at Southwest by going to the boarding pass kiosk, then take it to the luggage only line (skew right).
  • Nick Allen

  • Jason Mowery

    Chilis at Gate E has a black bean veggie burger available.
  • Rafique Jiwani

    Shoe shine at gate a2 pretty solid...good guys
  • Visit Philly

    Hey traveler: thinking about your next trip but want to cut down on airport hassle? Philadelphias just a direct flight away from Lambert.
  • Douglas Caulfield

    The A cocourse looks so much better compared to the dump it once was. Dunkin Donuts down at the end. Get your fix bcs there aren't many in STL
  • Nick Roecker

    Lambert Int'l smells like an old folks' home. Brace yourself.
  • andres turcios

    For southwest check in @ curb if at all possible the counter people will charge for 1lb over weight.
  • Aaron Monts

    Watch out, the bomb dogs are smelling crotches now!
  • Jake Smith

    Welcome to St. Louis, Missouri! Go check out The Arch, drink a Budweiser, take a picture with Stan "The Man," and go stomping in your Air Force Ones.
  • Ashley Benson

    Don't forget to leave your computer in your carry-on, your shoes tied tightly to your feet and with any toiletries, be sure they're in oversized containers haphazardly placed in your satchel.
  • Chris Coleman

    No free wifi!!! Boo. Oh, and have a safe flight
  • Dwane Lay

    Worst baggage return in the country.
  • Todd Miller

    #15 busiest airport in the US.
  • Brett Jackson

    Go to the bathrooms or somewhere where you can hear the piped-in music. It's like 60s infomercial, and it's very delightful.
  • Justin Dixon

    Don't tell me which zone is for loading and unloading...
  • David Moore

    Try the flight delays and extra security checks!
  • le Gato

    You can't see the arch from here.
  • Angela Berardino

    Even though the priority security line only has signage for American (and infers you MUST be on their ticket), they'll take status on United and Frontier, too
  • Nate Dominguez

    Watch out for crazy ppl when this place gets busy!!!
  • Brian C

    If you're flying Southwest, get to the East Terminal takes forever these days.
  • George Magda

    The Starbucks has plenty of outlets to recharge!
  • DoubleTree by Hilton

    If youre unable to select the middle seat when booking your flight, do not book that flight. The flight is most likely oversold which could make for an unwanted adventure when take-off time comes.
  • Jeff Willinger

    At chillis too you can get burgers to go .. skip the fries and get brocolli.
  • Franky Alex

    This airport is under construction bc it got hit by a tornado you idiot, and aint isn't a word *Carlos! Ignorant ppl!
  • Dustin Rasmussen

    The wind here blows
  • Ashley Robbins

    Rest & laziest TSA agents. I had to move all the bags down the conveyor belt for them, even though the women who they belonged to weren't with me & had already gone through security.
  • Laura High

    Everything (food, shops, etc) close at or before 8pm.
  • Jamie Lackey

    Has to have the slowest baggage claim of any airport
  • Howard Myones

    Beware of Spontaneously Combusting Tornadoes!
  • Cole Kennedy

    Unfortunate hours for those whose flights are delayed. The bars need to stay open past 7:30!
  • foodforfel

    They have STL rocking chairs novel.
  • Jodi B.

    Don't wear a girdle. You'll need a full body pat-down.
  • Benjamin Roodman

    Terminal 2: Small airport, long security lines.
  • Erik Stockglausner

    airport security in STL is incredibly slow. Give yourself at least 90 min.
  • David Moore

    Try the airplanes
  • Sheneka Adams

    I've never been here before but the bathrooms are very clean.
  • Alex McMullin

    Grab a bite to eat or drink at the Schlafly Tap Room by the security check point. The food is awesome and the beer is a staple of St. Louis.
  • Fred Omar

    This place is a joke! Roadways, a day AFTER a snowstorm, are still caked with ice! I hope they don't treat the runways like they do the roads. Come to NYC, we'll show you how to do things right..
  • John Gonzales

    "Missouri" sounds close to "misery". Easy to see why with the sub-par customer service, expensive wi-fi, intrusive TSA, and lack of dining options at this airport.
  • Jason Lenio

    For beer lovers, The Mosaic Restaurant near A14 has Delirium Tremens in the bottle.
  • Daniel Brown

    Make sure you stop by the Schafly bar. Best representation of St. Louis in the airport.
  • Stephanie K

    The security guard is a bitch!
  • Mr. Anderson

    Terminal A - equipped for electronic boarding passes. Skip the ticket counter an head on down the escalator.
  • Martin Taylor

    Call JED Transportation for a limo, sedan or bus to anywhere. Tell them Marty sent you! 314-429-2200
  • Michael Sanders

  • Brian Pasch

    Horrible food selection for non dairy eaters.
  • Drew Kaplan

    Be nice to the TSA agents and they should be pretty nice. We had some of the nicest TSA agents around.
  • Megan Schulte- DeBoer

    Avoid terminal D at all costs. The only cafeteria option might be the most depressing place I've ever eaten. Photo to prove it!
  • Andrew Wiseman

    Don't use Hertz rental car, the shuttle takes forever to show up
  • Doug Devitre

    Safe travels to your next destination or welcome home. Call me I'll come pick you up if you have my number.
  • Chris X M.

    New Mosiac restaurant in Terminal A looks great! Heard it was good food ...
  • Jeff Sinason

    On Monday's its always best to give yourself if time
  • Steve Talbott

    American terminal remind you of any recent movies?
  • Jim Myers

    Time permitting, check out the Stadium Club
  • Ashley P

    Hi buddy!!!
  • Cory Mudd

    Delays delays delays. WTF. Hello it 2010 right
  • Eric Paul

    The security check point at the B terminal is now closed. No more short security lines.
  • Greg Meyer

    on my way to teched in NOLA
  • Lowell Ricketts

    In Terminal 2 the Schlafly/Pasta House bar sells 6-packs to go of Schlafly products. Bring some for your friends to try!
  • Nate Johnson

    The rhythmic chime of the ticket scanner at gate E8 is hypnotic.
  • tankboy

    Their security checkpoint is lousy. NOT a quick or easy experience, even at 5 a.m. So get there with hours to spare, even for domestic flights.
  • Stephanie McDonough

    Terminal 1 Passenger Pick Up is a clusterfuck
  • Crystal Ward

    Finally made it too a connecting flight, even if its in St. Louis. 8:40 pm Flight Delay - 9:25 pm :(
  • Mindy Murphy Boera

    Hands down one of the nicest and cleanest airports I've been in! The bathroom stalls are large enough to fit your carry one without having fear of tripping and falling to the lu!
  • Michael Pickford

    Don't drink the water
  • Sean Delahunt

    Rednecks abound. Get here early for the rats nest that is security while some TSA yokel holds up the line to examine every toiletry bag for a "closer look."
  • Rick Rubio

    Foursquare said I was a Carmen San Diego again. That's racist, lol
  • James Moreau

    Watch your tongue if you ain't familiar with that country grammar.
  • EVa PGauguin

    31.03.2013 !!!
  • Ernesto Duterte

    You must make time to enjoy the FREE Zoo & FREE Anheuser Busch Budweiser Tour!
  • Jessie

    The regular brewed coffee at "Starbucks" was labeled "Pike Place" but could not possibly be authentic. It tastes nothing like Starbucks. I recall a similar situation last time I was here 4 months ago.
  • Carol L

    No free Wi-Fi making it a poor airport for business travel or long transit layovers.
  • Richard Batchelor

    No free wi fi
  • Joe Ryan

    Be nice to the TSA workers.
  • Sarah R

    Stop by Schlafly for local beer on tap and a decent meal.
  • Scott Miller

    Of you want to fly, this is a good place, Icarus...
  • Matt Robinson

    Turn left at the bottom of the elevator after checking in for "A" Gates in terminal 1. It's easy to miss the sign.
  • Joseph Ricca

    Such a B rate airport now...American's pull out here wrecked this place.
  • Timothy Horwedel

    Lots of whiny people feeling obligated! Enjoy!
  • Jessica Herzog

    If u can, fly Southwest. Friendliest, most helpful airline of them all.
  • Kat Chung

    For Gate A security, choose left lane when lines are equal. The right lane wraps, adding ~10 ppl to actual length of line.
  • Matt Barnhart

    Starbucks 4 the win!
  • Brendan Ratchford

    Probably the friendliest Starbucks staff you'll ever meet is out by baggage claim!
  • Ben Hancock

    Get in the left security lane for Concourse A. Fastest lane. Other two lanes merge and slow.
  • Kevin Bischoff

    Free rectum exams at security
  • Brian Gallob

    Worst airport in the USA!
  • Bob Baldwin

    Bathrooms OK. Not as clean as Nashville. Good thick TP in bathrooms.
  • Archimedes Stuk

    The pull through parking at the departures level is great for waiting for arrivals!
  • Tiffany Frederick

    Security always takes a long time! Leave at least 1hr 15-30 mins for security check
  • Shannon Morse

    What is this, the Midwest? Update your internets and give us free fucking wifi. Boingo is for assholes.
  • Ryan Maxwell

    No more smoking lounges...
  • Ben R.

    There is no Subway, Michael G., it's Metrolink. I know Latin is a dead language, but come on people. Subways are underground.
  • Jamie McCune

    Don't ever fly anything but southwest. Hate everything about american
  • Cagney Shattuck

    Baggage claim is SO slow here. Don't be surprised if you wait awhile.
  • Josh Coll

    First time? Check out the tornados.
  • Annie Truong

    Go Redbirds. Eat some Imo's while you are here. Mmmm provel cheese.
  • Sailom Boualaphanh

    Ride the train to downtown or other destinations It's simple easy and cheap.
  • Sam Zurek

    No need to show up to early here! Quick security and small terminal.
  • Brandy Mathews

    Seriously, no free Wi-fi! Signed up for Boingo's iPhone app - it shorted me about a half hour. Lambert needs to upgrade.
  • Jeff Davis

    The plywood windows here were installed to protect George Clooney's privacy during filming of Up and Away. This photo shows a sheet above AA ticket counter 36 bearing GC's signature.
  • Zach Willett

    Prime people watching spot over here by terminal A.
  • Ryan McNutt

    What was left of our plane door...
  • Crystal

    Why does the A gates smell like a cow field?
  • John Cook

    Avoid the Thursday evening rush and book a departing flight after 630pm
  • Bettina Gallo

    Tough place to be delayed. not much to do here
  • Krissy Nelson

    This airport is always cold - bring a jacket
  • Megan Habermann

    Beers of the World has terrible food and slow service
  • Chris Rufkahr

    When you're out of town, leave your dog with me! $20/day.
  • Travis Wesley

    Mosaic in A is a great addition!
  • Doug Devitre

    Get picked up on the departing flights/passenger drop off and text your ride the entry # to easily determine precise pick up location. Http:// Technology Simplifed
  • Jonathan Gayman

    Take the Metrolink to get home. Beats driving and cabs.
  • Nathan Pettyjohn

    Traveling iPhone users, download "aisle411" app to search, find and map products in a store. Makes shopping a lot easier.
  • John H

    No new TSA screening here yet.
  • James Ramos

    Southwest East terminal wayy better. Wear flip flops. Travel light. 50 lb southwest limit check in or $50 fee. Wifi but not free. Bring a snack.
  • Jodi B.

    Don't wear a girdle. You'll need a pat down.
  • JL Johnson @User47

    The food service and selection in terminal E is terrible.
  • Carla

    avoid full body scanner. takes twice as long
  • William Chattin

    There's not a lot of places to wait for people here. Agree with overpriced and small StarBucks
  • Mike Koss

    CPK in the terminal. Really good food.
  • Tracy Blodgett

    A prost: to leaving the sh*t show.
  • Nate Birt

    Good view of the Broncos game @ Gate C8.
  • Lennon Patton

    $9.95 for wi fi is super lame. No thanks!
  • Tara Jenkins

    Worst airport I've ever been to traveling with children!
  • Sam Harp

    Avoid this airport at all costs. What a disfunctioal mess, and service goes out the window in St Louis.
  • Teri

    On the way to New York to meet my new grandson with Amanda Mack
  • Daniel Osiedacz

    Old Delta terminal, but simple. Get your shoes shined.
  • Danielle Smith

    There is a beach in my future.... This is good. #BeachesMoms
  • Melissa Maciorowski

    Huge airport!! Make sure you leave time to get to your correct gate!
  • Shah

    Lambert, I will miss you, but not the staff at the AA counter who tried to charge me $800 in overweight fees.
  • David Todd Burchyett

    Try and fly Southwest you will thank me
  • Dawn Buckingham

    Play zone for kids by C2 gate
  • Michelle B.

    Off to Austin!
  • John Albert

    Goodbye St Louis......
  • Chris Barclay

    They have really refreshed this airport. Bright lighting and new signage everywhere.
  • Kostya Kekhaev

    Did you say I can actually take some #STL own @Schlafly beer "to-go" with me?! #brilliant (next to Gate C1)
  • Christine Shepherd

    There is no Delta skyclub at this airport.
  • Annie Foster

    Cheap booze and food in this airport!
  • Danielle Smith

    Costa Rica bound! #Roar14
  • Mehul Sheth

    Some great history with TWA, unfortunately that ship sailed many years ago. If you stay at the airport Hilton you can see some great pics of Lambert in its glory days.
  • LaShonda Howard

  • Andrew Marshall

    Ok airport, not a ton to eat post security
  • Go! Magazine

    The Go! List 2014: "Black Americans in Flight," best mural
  • Kevin Dineen

    Back again!
  • Jaysyn Longoria

    Find the secret "family" bathrooms if you can. Most people are confused as to whether or not they are allowed to use them so they are usually unoccupied and they are much cleaner!!
  • Joe Lucero

    Picking up friends from Sicily.

    The best US Gate agents are Peggy, Jenna and Garry look for one of them
  • Eric Gonzalez

    Pretty clean airport and not to busy.
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