West County Center

Address: 80 W County Ctr
Phone: (314) 288-2020
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Category: Mall
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  • Riverfront Times

    2011 RFT Best of St. Louis Winner - Best Mall.

    Hit up the food court for the free sample circuit.
  • STLtoday

    The mall will open at midnight Nov. 24. (That's after Thanksgiving dinner -- a minute before Black Friday technically begins.) Not all stores will be open at that time.
  • Micah Temple

    Nice mall because they have an Apple Store
  • Mercy Olivia

    It has soooo many stores!!!
  • Todd Jordan

    Apple Store on the top floor.
  • Staci Kramer

    Parking is terrible. Once Nordstrom's opens at the Galleria, I may never come back.
  • Nikki Walton

    The happiest place on earth !
  • Luke Steingruby

    Go to the Lancome counter in Macy's! The team there is fabulous!!!
  • Tim Williamson

    Hampton Village JCP is great because it's so close to my house. For selection and sizes it's the West County JCP.
  • Monte Shields

    I hate it here. No place to park.
  • DJ Smiley

    Nice huge mall with an apple store.
  • David Slinkard

    Don't go to the apple store and buy anything
  • Bernice Pierce

    I always check this Coupon App for free in-store coupons iphone: http://bit.ly/1vp2WTF, android: http://bit.ly/1mexCY8
  • C Parker

    Horrible parking situation
  • Brian Lewis

    Park at the side lot by Macy's! There are always spots.
  • david M

    Worst parking I've ever seen at a mall. Then again, St. Louis drivers are brutal.
  • Stacie

    The ice cream parlor in the food court is amazing!! This mall is just the best in general.
  • Mathew Hall

    Stop by the men's Wearhouse when in the mall for great deals and holiday gifts
  • Nona Bush

    The North Face store here is awesome! Really friendly staff!!
  • Go! Magazine

    The Go! List 2014: best shopping mall
  • Robin Marolt

    Beautiful mall, very clean. The play area for younger children is great. I just wish some parents would watch their kids better. The staff at Godiva and Build-a-Bear were wonderful.
  • Kayla Kleeschulte

    One of the nicer malls in Saint Louis
  • Sarah P

    The parking situation at this supposedly high end mall is absolutely inexcusable.
  • Melinda Huff

    Try the French Onion Soup at Nordstroms Bistro! Yum
  • Beverly Marshall

    Great mall and parking is not all that bad.
  • Danny Birch

    Mandalay Chicken is awesome lol
  • Erik Rowley

    Best mall in St. Louis.
  • Melinda Huff

    West County Mall Style and Fashion Show
  • Betsey Terry

    i dont get how you have to go out of the mall to use an elevator..not baby friendly AT ALL!
  • Dylan Burian

    Stores on deck
  • Eric Burt

    Nice mall in west county that doing remodeling the parking lot be careful
  • Karen Thambyrajah

    Best mall in St Louis!
  • Philip Moll

    It's cool here..... Mostly in winter
  • Tim Williamson

    JCP sent out a huge mailing. Spend at least $25 and get $10 off. I believe that this goes on till Mother's day. I also got the same deal through foursquare by checking in at the Hampton Village JCP.
  • Meghan Morgan

    For families... Great family room near JCPenny and play area. Great for breast feeding.
  • Megan Fisher

    Parking is definitely horrible but overall a nice mall.
  • Jim Grebing

    Bring a chauffeur. Parking is horrible . No other mall in area is this bad.
  • Amanda Cook

    Parking is a pain and they've closed several stores for remodel. There is now a dress barn and plus sizes in the forever 21
  • Shannon Heuer

    This kid had these what appeared to be neon green skinny jeans on & they ended up being skinny sweat pants. Swag? Lol no.
  • Greg Hatch

    Parking is horrible
  • I'm MexCellent

    Add 15mins to your time to find parking! It's always horrible
  • Liz Anderson Perks

    Everyone decided to play hookie and shop today :-)
  • Jonathan Storch

    Great mall...but always way too packed.
  • Annemarie Clarke

    Dinner with friends at J. Gilbert's. Great outdoor patio. Get there before 7 to enjoy Happy Hour specials.
  • Sarah Udasco

    Get here early, find a chair, and people watch....you see some crazy things in the mornings
  • Nathanael Schulte

    The playground sucks on weekends. WAY too busy!
  • Elle Potter

    Park by JC Penny's on the far end, always a lot of good parking spots!
  • Michelle Renee

    Check out Teavana... the staff is super friendly and they always have the greatest recommendations.
  • ?Valerie Presley?

    Xmas time... Its gonna be crazy
  • Kati Lynn Minas

    This place is so pretty!
  • ICAA

    Sephora and Nordstrom
  • Kimberly Myers

    Aeropostale always have wonderful deals on clothing
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