Scottrade Center

Address: 1401 Clark Ave
Phone: (314) 531-7887
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  • NHL

    Check out the statues of Blues' legends Bernie Federko, Al MacInnis and Brett Hull outside Scottrade Center.
  • Mizzou

    Here to root on the Missouri Tigers? Each year, the Braggin' Rights Game happens right here against the Fighting Illini. So let's hear it for the Tigers! Fight for old Mizzou! Go Tigers!
  • St. Louis Blues

    The home to your St. Louis Blues!!
  • Sports Authority

    Tickets in certain sections of the Scottrade Center come with admission to the Blue Note Lounge with free food and drinks!
  • Michael Daehn

    Watch the Saint Louis Blues skate to victory
  • ESPN

    Hockey legend Brett Hull will remind you that St. Louis is also a hockey town. Drive down Brett Hull Way, take a pic by his statue, and find his retired number in the rafters.
  • STLtoday

    For nearly six decades, Kiel Auditorium was St. Louis' town hall. It went dark in 1991: The arena was demolished to make way for today's Scottrade Center.
  • Kathryn

    Go Blues!
  • National Post

    How will playoff hero Jaroslav Halak fare with the Blues? Check into Posted Sport's full NHL coverage at the link:
  • Matt Davies

    Great place to watch the Blues blow a lead
  • Stephen? Sheppard

    Yes, you can get real beer at Scottrade! Cathedral Square Abbey Ale is in Section 116. A small number of Schlafy beers are also available nearby
  • Garret G.

    A great place for Detroit fans to get away from their dump of a city!
  • National Post

    Hey buddy, leave them rock stars alone! How one riotous fan at a 1977 Montreal show helped inspire Roger Waters to write Pink Floyds classic album The Wall. Oct. 27. More at the link:
  • Ryan Dannan

    Guinness and other good Irish brews on first floor near club level escalator
  • Stephen? Sheppard

    For the 11/12 season get local Urban Chestnut beer at Section 124 and Schlafly at Sec 109 & 124
  • John $\(^o^)/$

    This is hockey heaven folks!
  • Justin J.

    the nose-bleed seats are the best!
  • Becky

    Home of the best hockey team! Go Blues!
  • Garret G.

    Adam M., the Blackhawks fan that left the tip, is a fucking douchebag.
  • Ashley

    Go to a Blues Game!
  • Weatherbird

    Blues hockey is (finally) back! Now that the lockout's over, check out the season preview and other Blues news at
  • Tom Jones

    Go Blue Flames!!!
  • The Harlem Globetrotters

    Come learn from the best! The Harlem Globetrotters are coming to town to host some summer skills clinics. Don't miss out! For more information
  • Joe Bremerkamp

    Trade Brewer
  • Bradford Zupancic

    They have a cool service called BlueNoteExpress that lets you order food and drinks from your mobile phone. If you don't have a smartphone you have to create an account beforehand, but it's worth it.
  • Peter Erickson

    Beers cost 9.50 for a 24oz.. Was here for MVC tournament. Come drunk :)
  • The Harlem Globetrotters

    Come meet us at The Scottrade Center when we play on January 4th! Get your tickets by clicking this link:
  • Irene Liu

    yeah, it's fun to sit down low by the glass, but i think the best view is half way up in one of the corners.
  • Gabby

    Skip the $9 beers at the game, go to Houlihan's before and get cheap liter long islands.
  • Sarah Hale

    Eat the BBQ pork nachos!
  • Jason Hillman

    Go Predators!!!
  • Kristin L.

    Come check out the foodie action station on the main concourse level in section 125!! The menu changes for every game!
  • Chris Mayer

    Watch the refs - they cheat
  • Peter Martin

    The illustrious home ice of the perennial favorites, the St. Louis Blues.
  • Drew Van Woert ??

    Creighton blows
  • Lauren Marie

    Come to the Kia table and spin for a free t-shirt! Hurry they go fast :) Go Blues!
  • Mel Zog

    Beer is 9$! Oh my god
  • Matt Schumacher

    Blackhawks with the W!!
  • Kevin Seltzer

  • David Penn

    you can get great bbq at stand 311 and 108!
  • Jake Smith

    Bring a vuvuzela and start a "Let's Go Blues!" chant in your section.
  • Addison Walton

    Much like the nearby Edward Jones Dome. it's due for some renovations soon. But nonetheless, a fun place for a hockey game and a concert.
  • Ivana Savage-Flynn

    Let's go Blues!
  • Patrick Dashiell

    There is a Red Bull machine backstage!!!
  • Jason Hillman

    Maurizio's is AWFUL and has NO customer service. The delivery guy cusses at you, threatens, and tries to fight you when he delivers your CORRECTED order. Don't expect them to get your order right.
  • Wilder Politte

    Umm root for blues or go home.
  • JB Faby

    Friendly fans, nice arena, I enjoyed my time there.
  • Jeff King

    Check out the new smoothie station near section 111/112.
  • J5

    Don't buy the beer....blues suck! Go hawks!
  • Spencer Colvin

    RADIOHEAD!!!! March 9, 2012. Best day of my life
  • Chad Dierkes

    Halak is a beast!
  • Sarah Moore Houts

    There are some sassy ladies working in the Kiel Center Garage.
  • Zach Brady

    Let's go blaclhawks
  • Lauren Marie

    Come to the Kia table and spin for a free t-shirt!
  • Deron B

    Parking garage on Clark for $10.00 is the best deal.
  • Bradly Sullivan

    Does anyone have Molly?
  • Steve Talbott

    2 rows behind Bernie tonight. Blues win 2-1 Tuesday night and the place is packed!
  • David Penn

    Great BBQ at stands 311 and 108. Funnel Cakes at stand 120.
  • Doug Devitre

    The Blues Burger is really good. Has real bacon and comes with a big onion ring.
  • Julie Kubsch

    Try the kettlecorn-made fresh!!
  • Todd Breer

    Pay homage to Mayor Breer in section 123, row J.
  • Sarah Gambling-Luig

    Hockey is good here.
  • Colin Busby

    #LGB #NHLFaceOff
  • John Mann

    Beers are $9.25. Cant see the ice from the concourse. Can be accessed via the Metrorail at 8th/Pine if staying downtown. If you need help deciding which Seats to buy for your next Blues game,check out
  • Adam Hickey

    Feel free to park in the Union Station parking lot and walk over.
  • Charlie Cherella

    Went to the Round 1 Game 1 game against the Blackhawks. 2nd NHL game but the Scottrade Center had by far the best atmosphere of any sporting event I have ever been to! Go to a Blues game! Wont regret!
  • Nikki Groves

    STL250 cake located at 14th & Clark
  • Brandon Scott

    Rock Chalk Jayhawk!
  • Chris X M.

    Great Hockey experience!
  • Anna M

    The Chicago hot dog and chicken and waffle sandwich at Nathan's are legit!
  • Akshay Patil

    The Blues organist pounds the pipes near section 327
  • Jada Reese

    Loved section 103. Didn't like losing :-(.
  • The Harlem Globetrotters

    Come catch us on our "Fans Rule" World Tour! Fun for the whole family. Get your tickets here: See you soon!
  • Rachel Bedsworth Faulkner

    Drink before you get here...dear Lord booze is pricy!
  • Aaron Schinke

    Believe in the Shield!
  • Stephanie Schwent

    #WWE #extremerules #2013 #letsgoooobabyyy
  • Ashley Rose

    Let's go blues
  • georganne

    You can get a blues souvenir cup for 7.25 with unlimited refills all game long!
  • Lisa Zielbauer

    There is a goose island stand by 323 but they only take cash :-(
  • Lisa Zielbauer

    Go Hawks! We're up :-)
  • Vince OKonsky

    Blues are the ish.
  • A Noom Twenty

    St. Louis Blues
  • Alison Miller

    Most of the staff are assholes. They wrangled us around like we were prisoners. And kicked people put for no reason.
  • John Jelinek

    Do not come here and expect to eat something. No selection, horrible food, and ridiculously expensive.
  • Jodi Parker

    Sit in Club 117 and tip my bf well! Thanks!
  • IVAN

    If you are not so into heights... I wouldn't sit way up high, you know!! The nose bleeding seats...
  • Xtine Wu

    Parking is a slow nightmare. Come early.
  • Kristin Noack

    No bush...they missed their flight :(
  • Matt Tonnies

    Disagree, all inclusive seats are the best!
  • Korinne King

    Smoothie station was great! Caramel Latte!
  • Tom Tauke

    Officials are the worst this year than any other. Still good wrestling though!
  • Gary Lass

    Happy St Patrick's day
  • Gary Lass

    Jerod's here- wait, what?
  • J5

    Don't buy the $10 beer
  • Craig Berry II

    Go blues! Fuck the hawks!
  • Drew Van Woert ??

    Came for Arch Madness last year and 24 oz beer was $9 now it's $10. The trend is not going well for the consumer. 500% markup!
  • Nakita Fox

    It's cold in here, bring a coat!!!!Bbbuuuuurrrrrrr!
  • Jessica Herzog

    Michael Jackson immortal world tour!!
  • Plaza Fountains

    Some of the best Sports and Music Venues
  • Stephanie Schwent

    Royal rumble baby!!
  • Audrey Bell

    They sell beer outside while you wait for the doors to open :-O
  • Aj Sandbothe

  • C A

    Brews from Ferguson brewing, Schlafly, and 6-row available in section 123/124
  • Robert Arnone, DC

    Make it 4-1 Blues in the 3rd.
  • Ivana Savage-Flynn

  • Rheanna Drennan

    Trans-Siberian Orchestra is the number one show to see every year!!!!
  • Chris Nordmann

    10 minutes into the first period and the bathrooms already look worse than a truck stop crapper
  • Ashley Nelson

    Best Blue's Game Ever!! 5 rows from the ice and we won!!!
  • Nikki Kanter

    Best food options are on the 1st floor. 2nd floor only has Dippin' Dots, hotdogs and nasty cheesesteaks.
  • Tyler Suess

    Just saying... hawks win!
  • TJ Spalty

    Bypass St. Louis's resident big name beers in favor of a delicious cross-state brew from Boulevard Brewing Co., sold behind section 112. KC dominance!
  • Jason K.

    MmMmMm. Good.
  • Dan Kramer

    Blues season coming closer training camp about to start.
  • rich toma

    swing by Section 124 wearing the other teams jersey and get a beer thrown on you...
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