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Phone: (314) 345-9600
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    The stadium's name came from the Busch family of Anheuser-Busch, who owned the baseball team until March 1996 and championed the stadium's construction.
  • Sports Authority

    If you look carefully in the lower area of the homeplate section, you can see the scoreboard from the old Busch Stadium, which still displays the final score of the last game played there.
  • ESPN

    Before going inside, head to the west side of the park to find Stan (the Man) Musial's statue. Originally erected outside the old stadium in 1968, it remains a popular meeting spot for all Cards fans.
  • Chelsea FC

    Chelsea FC will be playing a friendly fixture at the Busch Stadium against Manchester City on May 23 2013! You can win a player's shirt from the game here... chelseafc.com/usa13
  • Ashley

    Go to a Cardinals Game!
  • Sam S

    The Cardinals are the great equalizer of St. Louis. Wear red and proudly sit with 46860 of the greatest fans in baseball.
  • John McKinley

    Best place to watch baseball! It's baseball heaven!
  • chris carter

    watch a cardinal game
  • Josh Morris

    Great stadium. Good view of the arch and downtown skyline.
  • Connor Cole

    St. Louis Cardinals, best fans in the country
  • Riverfront Times

    Busch Stadium seating capacity: 46, 861- Let's fill those seats Cardinals Nation! Go Birds!
  • Josh Pedigo

    If you're any kind of sports fan you have to experience one game at Busch Stadium (vs. Cubs). Atmosphere is amazing. Good bars near by.
  • St. Louis Cardinals

    The first pitch delivered at Busch Stadium was thrown by Mark Mulder at 3:14 pm on April 10, 2006. Were you there?
  • Mick Lite

    Baseball Heaven!
  • Manchester City FC

    SAINT LOUIS: RSVP on the official event pages for #chelseavcity. Facebook: manc.it/YYIhf4 G+: manc.it/YYIjn3 #cityontour
  • Riverfront Times

    2013 New look: for the 1st time since 1932 the "St. Louis" will be on the front of the jersey! Looking good boys- GO BIRDS!
  • MLB

    No one honors tradition quite like the Cardinals, who brought home plate from the old Busch Stadium to christen the first-game ceremony in 1966.
  • Emily Brune

    Cardinals games are a must. GO CARDINALS!
  • Jessica Stelzer

    Ohdeargod get the bacon wrapped hot dog
  • Kyle O'Dell

    Get there early. Check out the statues of former Cardinal greats. Nobody does baseball like St. Louis.
  • Katie E

  • St. Louis Cardinals

    Welcome to Busch Stadium! Check in using MLB.com At the Ballpark to unlock special offers and explore the stadium right from your phone.
  • Sports Authority

    Sport Your Pink and support the fight against breast cancer when you pick up your favorite pink team merchandise and apparel at Sports Authority during the month of October. Learn more here:

    The Cardinals win here.
  • Julia Pitlyk

    St. Louis is THE baseball town. The fans are the best, the stadium is the best, and the team is the best!! Look for specials @ Mosaic and the Millenium nearby!
  • Chevrolet

    Albert Pujols hit the first Cardinals home run in Busch Stadium history on April 10, 2006 off Brewer Tomo Ohka. #ChevyMLB #2011
  • St. Louis Cardinals

    Dont forget to use MLB.com At Bat on your Android, iPhone, iPad or iPod, BlackBerry or Windows 7 device to follow all the action on the field and around the league while you are at the park.
  • Scott

    Sit in the shade.
  • Riverfront Times

    Discounted St. Louis Cardinals Tickets! read more here http://www.riverfronttimes.com/promotions/tickets/-10-off-discounted-st-louis-cardinals-tickets-1842015/
  • Go! Magazine

    Craft beers sold here: Schlafly Hefeweizen draft, Schlafly bottles
  • Tracy Fortenberry

    Sluggie night!!!
  • Angie Taylor

    Welcome to St. Louis! Best fans in baseball.
  • Matt Tonnies

    Home of the best fans in the country!!! Understand the game and support (NOT boo) the cards
  • Go! Magazine

    Craft beers sold here: Samuel Adams Summer Ale; Boulevard Wheat; New Belgium Fat Tire; O'Fallon Wheach; Schlafly Pale Ale, Hefeweizen and Summer Lager
  • Heather Fields

    Baseball Heaven and home of the 11 time World Champion St. Louis Cardinals. I love spending time here catching a game chowing down on balllpark food.
  • K Pound

    Section 501 in the Bleachers rocks!
  • Kathleen M

    My home away from home. Get the Supreme Nachos!
  • Kristin Greenwood

    GO CARDS!!
  • Matt Ferch

    Cards fans are some of the best, smartest baseball fans in the country. That, and I love Dippin Dots.
  • Go! Magazine

    Craft beer sold here: Schlafly Pale Ale
  • Drew Carter

    Where the hell is the bud light on a stick guy??
  • John Rayfield

    Try the shower
  • Madison Hayes

    The bacon covered hot dogs ARE amazing! Come with beans and pickles!
  • Vin Diestelkamp

    Rory can't dance
  • Go! Magazine

    Craft beers sold here: Schlafly Pale Ale draft, Schlafly bottles
  • Go! Magazine

    Craft beers sold here: New Belgium Fat Tire, Schlafly bottles
  • Peter Martin

    Meet me at Stan!
  • clara p

    go visit darryl at the chill chamber
  • Franchize34

    Sit in the playland if you wanna see MILFs
  • Andrew Martin

    If it is a slow night look to move down to left are right field seats plenty of open seat on occasion. Go cards!
  • Tom Shannahan

    Cubs suck!!!!
  • Mark

    Get a seat around the home plate area (in any deck) for a great view that includes the Missouri capitol building and the Gateway Arch. Also, order a bacon-wrapped hot dog w/ the works. It's fantastic.
  • Brian Johnson

    Don't drink to much! Enjoy yourself, be friendly, represent St. Louis with pride. Drive home safe. GO CARDS!
  • Go! Magazine

    Craft beer sold at Farmer's Market: Anheuser-Busch InBev's gluten-free RedBridge
  • Go! Magazine

    Craft beers sold here: Urban Chestnut Zwickel, Winged Nut and Schnickelfritz
  • Kelly Doster

    The Philly Cheese Steak out in centerfield is a must have! Worth the wait!
  • Tom Rezabeck

    Bring your own snacks! It's allowed! I could get a steak dinner at a restaurant for the price of World Series nachos.
  • Mike Champlin

    Kohn's bra
  • Sports Illustrated

    Andy High, Rabbit Maranville, Frankie Frisch and Jim Bottomley: These Cardinals infielders were part of the St. Louis team that won the NL pennant in 1928!
  • Jason R

    Cardinals fans can't drive home from a game without impeding the flow of traffic. They can't drive for crap.
  • The Harlem Globetrotters

    The Harlem Globetrotters are coming to town to host some summer skills clinics. Don't miss out! Learn form the best! June 24-29. For more information
  • Jake Smith

    The landing to the left of the entrance to section 452 is the best place in the stadium to get a picture taken. Ask an usher, they'd be happy to take it for you (and they're super friendly!).
  • Olin Graczyk

    Brandon Phillips, if you're checking in here, go the hell home! #RedsSuck
  • Go! Magazine

    Craft beers sold here: Schlafly Pale Ale and Hefeweizen
  • Go! Magazine

    Craft beer sold here: Boulevard Wheat
  • Ashley Glatz

    the nachos are killer. pick some up with a cold bud light lime!
  • Anthony Burgess

    We are the best team in Major League Baseball, not only because of our team, but our fans. Go Cards!
  • Aaron Redmond

    GO CUBS GO!!!
  • Serge

    The bratzels are worth the effort to find them. Try the concession stand on the 1st level, 3rd base side
  • Demi

    Beers are really cheap. Bahaahah. But Woooo cards!!!!
  • George McGowan

    Beautiful ballpark...but don't sit anywhere in the outfield during a day game or you will fry!
  • Lance Lemen

    Go with the Build Your Own Nachos. In my experience, the Cardinals will score 7 runs in an inning... But you will become comatose. #TakeOneForTheTeam
  • Cheyenne Winstead

    The staff here is AMAZING!!!!
  • Go! Magazine

    Craft beer sold here: Urban Chestnut Zwickel
  • Go! Magazine

    Craft beers sold here: Schlafly bottles
  • Go! Magazine

    Craft beers sold here: Schlafly Pale Ale, Hefeweizen and Summer Lager
  • Ryan Dannan

    Bicycle parking is right in front of the south entrance. Closest spots to the stadium and price can't be beat
  • David Mooney

    Go to a baseball game.
  • Kevin Gahr

    Watch out for the former concentration camp guards that are now ushers
  • John Lee

    The cardinals are the best team ever (and not a "bought" team like the yankees)
  • Aaron Robison

    Doesn't matter where you sit, it's always the experience of a lifetime. Come for a Cubs series if possible
  • Mike Jr

  • Kyle M

    Root against the Cubs. It's fun
  • Jeremy Medley

    Changed it's name but still great seats and u never get sunburnt or rained on
  • Jennifer Simler

    I recommend a bottoms up Budweiser!
  • Leslie

    Quote angels in the ofield by screaming "go back to cincinatti!"
  • Steve Talbott

    Great stadium, great fans. great environment.
  • Matt Williams

    Get Schafly (and other smaller breweries') beer at the Backstop Bar behind home plate!
  • David Davenport

    They will probably not when this game though.
  • Thomas Nelson

    Definitely check out the jersey section. Loads of cool jerseys.
  • Julie Klein

    I love the Frozen Strawberry Lemonade that you can get from the vendors in the stands.
  • Megan Martin

    The best place to see the St. Louis Cardinals! Amazing stadium and a great place to experience St. Louis. Beautiful views and great fans.
  • Joe Kapraszewski

    One of the best places to take in a game.
  • Jason Struttmann

    Beer stuff
  • Greg Obrien

    Best stadium
  • James C

    Awesome stadium. Awesome people. Must see for baseball fans.
  • Barry Rice

    Awesome place for a baseball game!! Go Cards!!
  • Barbara Rucker

    If you're visiting St Louis be sure to check out a Cardinals baseball game. I really enjoyed the Bush Stadium and the game. Well worth the money.
  • Darrell McMillan

    Not a bad seat in the house and great fans!
  • PreciseFB

    Home of the St. Louis Cardinals as if you didn't know that already. But with 11 World Titles and an every growing city around the park you can't go wrong catch a game here.
  • Aaron Williams

    Absolutely no better city in the nation to be a baseball fan, especially a Cardinal fan.
  • Will Arnone

    Cardinal fans are very courteous. As one of the handful of Dodger fans at Game 6, I never felt at risk. Of course the Cardinal rout of my Boys in Blue kept Redbirds fans in a good mood.
  • Catherine Rezabeck

    Stay away from the Double Play bar & grill - you'll spend the whole game waiting for your food; then they'll tell you they're out. #awful
  • Charles

    Busch Stadium hosted its first football game, the College Classic, between the Redhawks of Southeast Missouri State and the Salukis of Southern Illinois, on September 21, 2013. The Salukis won 36-19.
  • Andy Garcia

    Highlight of our multi-city trip was watching a Cardinals game here! Great stadium, great fans: packed house on a Tuesday night in August! Shoot, even the ticket scalpers were cool!
  • Angie Maniscalco

    Double Play Tap and Grill: nacho waffle fries and mac n cheese stuffed burgers. Need I say more?
  • Justin W.

    Busch III was done right! Great ballpark with wonderful view of downtown and Arch. If you go, sit about halfway up - best compromise of viewing of the field and of area around stadium. GO CARDS!!!
  • Taylor Wohrley

    The most beautiful baseball stadium I have ever been in. Cardinals fans are the absolute best! In good seasons and in bad. Nothing better than watching a game on a summer night!
  • Richard Krajewski

    Food is rubbish and overpriced. Have dinner before you come.
  • Jose Luis NiLo

    The Park of the Cardinals
  • Serge

    Get yourself a souvenir beer
  • Desiree Taylor

    Nice seats and view
  • Dave Holtzhouser

    Al Hrabosky getting ready for tv.
  • Patrick O

    Buy your hot dog from the chic in front of stadium west parking garage. $3.00 for a quality dog, and she puts it in a paper bag if you want to bring it into the stadium.
  • Moonrise Hotel

    Check out the Coca-Cola Rooftop Deck & Patio for all-inclusive tickets offering picnic-style patio seating, a full buffet, beer & soda. For more insider tips follow @MoonriseHotel at bit.ly/moonriseTW
  • Marilyn Blahut

    The macadamia white chocolate cookies are awesome. So are the cosmos!
  • Mindi Lovelady

    Who needs PooHoles when everybody has them!
  • Melissa Reed

    Try the Supreme Nachos with Chicken
  • Lauren Biondo

    Visit www.faccoupons.mobi or www.familyattractionscard.com to redeem a coupon for 50% off select Wed home games! Go Cards!
  • Wes Gehbauer

    Get your phone battery charged (or swapped if you're a US Cellular customer) at the US Cellular Family Pavilion in the center field concourse. Register for additional Rewards Points & play games!
  • Mr. Brooks aka THEBlindhomer

    Where the World Champions play.
  • Matthew Lopez

    Home of the 2011 World Series Champions!!1
  • Kristine G

    Game 6 of World Series 2011...best game ever in history!!
  • Craig Weilbaecher

    Purchase Schlafly Beer for $8.00 for 16oz...cheaper than Bud Products and its actually hometown brew.
  • Big Ass Fans

    This place has great atmosphere and is a great place to watch a game. If you feel strangely comfortable, look up at the ceiling. It could be the Big Ass Fans.
  • Big Ass Fans

    You've got seats in the Redbird Club. Enjoy some snacks, drinks and the Big Ass Fan.
  • Joe Raymond

    Stadium Tour
  • Bumyong shin

  • Pattimagee

    If you are a real fan you probably read www.VivaElBirdos.com
  • jeanne george

    GO CARDS! I love the playoff atmosphere!
  • Alexander Felzien

    Let's go CARDINALS! Fuck the Phillies!
  • Heather Winiger

    My favorite place in the whole world!
  • Charlie Lutz

    If you are here with kiddo, head to the family area under the scoreboard patio!
  • Hadith Zalzala

    @ the game with someone I love....
  • Brian Bohn

    Home of the best fans in baseball!!!
  • Kathryn Goggins

    It's Kmart's birthday, Whoopwhoop!!!!!!
  • Matt Kelly

    Check out the full size bats!!
  • Jim Cripps

    Be prepared for ridicule if you wear an opponents' gear!
  • Diana Herberts

    Cards are gonna beat cubs ass... It's a sweep... Thanks to the goat!
  • Nancy Smith

    Try the nachos
  • Caleb Keane

    Best fans in baseball
  • Don Kaiser

    A real sausage fest here
  • Jeremy Medley

    Never a line for the bathroom or food
  • Howard Myones

    Go Back To Cincinnatiiiiiii
  • Don Culp

    Great Ball Park , great team
  • Nathan B

    Try the hot sausage it melts in your mouth
  • Chad Cuttill

    Keep a look out for the free shuttle guy!
  • David Rogers

    Cards fans who wear anti-Cubs gear --get a life!!! Go Cubs!!!
  • John Bick

    Try the ice cold Bud. And root for the Cardinals!
  • Jim Murphy

    Nachos outside 154 at the kiosk are by far the best. Be sure to get the pulled pork!
  • Bob Maher

    fantastic ball park... and even better bratzels... i've only been able to fine 'em in the RedBird Club section. (there are imitators in other spots... but the best ones are in RBC)
  • Andrew Saied

    St. Louis Cardinals games. Can see the field pretty well even outside the ballpark.
  • Mary Jauer

    Each Cardinal home game about tickets are released for sale for $5.50 per ticket with a limit of 2 tickets per person the day of the game. Get in line before 9am at gate 3. Popular games line up 5-8am
  • Deena Fischer

    Watch out for balls wheeling for your head if you are sitting in the section behind the dugout. Six rows back and I was hit in the arm while protecting my head. Seriously.
  • Mark Clark

    Baseballl heaven!!
  • Logan Mainord

    Best team ever
  • Yazmin Rodriguez

    Love it!!!!'
  • Andrew Nilges

    Beautiful skyline views, great fans, and a great experience even for non-card fans.
  • Go! Magazine

    The Go! List 2014: Best place to take the family on a sunny day
  • Joe A ??

    Time to play ball
  • Rosetta

    Loaded Tator tots near 134. Amazing.
  • Cydik Hawkins

    Let's Go Cards!!!!!
  • Stacey McClish Day

    Here for the Cardinals kids club.
  • Heaven Puyear

    Party suites are phenomenal
  • Heather Jackson Shaw

    Great baseball experience! My first time to Busch Stadium, can't wait to go back!
  • John Mann

    Awesome stadium now that Ballpark Village has been completed, the Metro line stops at the stadium. If you need help deciding which Seats to Purchase for your next St. Louis Cardinals game, check out
  • Denise Schroeder

    Pulled Pork BBQ Nachos
  • Chris Bruce

    Great ballpark with great views of the city and the arch. Don't come expecting to drink anything other than Bud and Bud Light.
  • Chuck Wollenberg

    Love the atmosphere. I spend at leat 1-3 days a month here during the baseball season.
  • Angelika James

    If you are at Busch Stadium today, please come support Pride Cheer at Stand 139!
  • Ryan Floro

    Thw views are great!!
  • Ryan Scherff

    Ultimate Nacho Tots
  • Zach Hedrick

    What more can you say? It's Busch Stadium! Do not miss the Cardinals HOF & Museum!
  • Cole J

    Nicest baseball stadium in America.
  • Kim Sides

    Don't try to actually have fun and show team spirit during a rain delay. The team doesn't want ACTUAL fans.
  • Keith Olmstead

    This is the best stadium for baseball in America. The views are great and the seating is comfortable. The all inclusive options are many and well worth the higher ticket cost.
  • Brian Sutow

    Great view, wonderful stadium
  • Anthony Atencio

    One of the best places in America to watch a baseball game.
  • Maru Escandon

    Los pretzel y los hot dog
  • Maru Escandon

    Love to have a beer and a pretzel
  • Scott Matherlee

    Go Cards!!!
  • Jessie Weissman

    I seriously love this place
  • Kayla Kleeschulte

    Go cardinals!
  • Austin D

    The Nathan's all beef hot dogs by the right field entrance is my goto spot, every game.
  • Sarah Buckley

    One of the best stadiums in MLB
  • David Todd Burchyett

    Cardinal baseball nothing better.
  • Alex Rest

    The best major-league stadium in the country!
  • April Jones

    The all-inclusive tickets are worth every penny!
  • Steve Jones

    Don't buy a ticket to a cards game unless you consent to a random search. They will not let you in, nor refund your money if you do not consent.
  • Chad Billingsley

    Make sure you visit the bowtie bar! It's the only bar that stays open til the end of the game!
  • Patricia Hutchison

    Stop at the designated driver kiosk near guest services to sign the designated driver pledge card for a coupon for a free soda and a chance to wins prize!
  • Jonathan Rosile

    Verizon Wireless is now hiring in the St. Louis Market! Click the link below to apply to a location near you! - http://vz.to/ZBCFE0
  • Barry Rice

    Great stadium. Good views all around and home of the best baseball fans around!!
  • Jomarco Westmoreland

    Take the ticket enjoy the game
  • PreciseFB

    If you are in St. Louis and are breathing, you need to visit the Busch Stadium and check out those Redbirds.
  • Nikki Groves

    STL250 cake located at 8th & Clark (outside team store)
  • Eduardo Viana

    It is beautiful !!!!
  • Preferred Mattress Edsbeds

    Baby you're all that I want!
  • Michelle Marie

    This ballpark needs wi-fi.
  • Rick Champ

    Cards in the Series AGAIN......bring your money.
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