St. Louis Natural Hair Meetup Group

Group Description

Meet with other local men & women of all hues who choose to wear their hair naturally... locs, afros or twists. Gather to commune and support one another in your quest for chemical-free hair! Discuss hair care and maintenance, styling tips, products, the politics of having natural hair. Gain hairstyling tips and home styling methods from a licensed natural hair care expert.


No payment is required to join. Dues are requested to maintain membership.


This group will be maintained as a public group. When discussing things of a sensitive nature on the board, please refrain from using names, names of groups, personal information, or other qualifiers that might readily identify a person/group to other members.

We ask all members to respect each other and not discuss or post for publicly our Board Postings. We are here to support the natural hair industry but most importantly to create beneficial access for natural hair wearers for ourselves by ourselves.  We aim to practice and respect general business ethics and proprietory information.

Removal Policy

If you fail to operate within the Meetup Community with discretion, courtesy, and respect you may be removed from membership. This will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!