Dancing in St. Louis

Group Description

This group was started to fulfill a need for a single place to go to find dance events in the St. Louis area from a variety of groups.

Dance events of all types are included! So whether you're a Swing Dancer, a Ballroom Dancer, Latin or Country you should find events of interest to you here.

Since the main focus is to provide event information, in most cases the group members will just be participating as attendees at the events. So in most cases there will not be a 'Dancing in St. Louis' table or anyone in particular to contact when you get there. Nonetheless, it's a courtesy to RSVP for events to help others to steer themselves to events where their friends will be and to help us to all get to know each other better.

If you'd like to help out by letting other people know about us you'll find a flyer and business cards that you can print yourself to pass out in the Files area.

You should also find the Message Board of interest as well. There are several topics there that should be of interest to you - and information on how to add your own events is listed there as well.

There is no charge to participate in this group whether you're just getting information or are posting events yourself. Most events have an attendance fee of their own when you get there - but just the fee that the event provider charges for anyone to attend.

Please feel free to make suggestions. This group will evolve with time and it's your suggestions that will help us to determine the changes that will please the greatest number of people.

And above all... Enjoy your self and have fun!