STL Bared (Clothing-Optional Social Events)

Group Description

This group was formed for those folks that enjoy events where they can feel free to be as bare as they dare (or not bare at all, but enjoy friendly gatherings and don't mind socializing with happy naked people).

We're friendly, respectful folks who enjoy fun, safe, clothing-optional events for adults of all genders. This is not a 'fetish,' 'swingers' or sex-'play' group (although some of our members enjoy those kinds of groups, too). Rather, this group is for open-minded adults who have an interest in attending clothing-optional (NOT nudity mandatory) events.

Our events are friendly gatherings where folks can feel free to get as bare as they feel comfortable being, without feeling pressure no matter their state or dress or undress. Our group is open to all respectful adults of all genders, and we don't discriminate when it comes to males vs. females (IE: if we don't limit male attendance, but we do encourage male group members to bring along female friends that would like to participate in our events).

Game nights, dance parties, naturalist camping events, private c/o performance events, Naked Happy Hour, 'Nudeling' (nude figure-sketching events), naked getaways, etc...we're about having good, safe fun sans clothes. Welcome!

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