STL Car Enthusiasts

Group Description

I was kind of surprised that St Louis didn't have a car enthusiast Meetup group, so I figured I'd change that. This group is for anyone who's passionate about cars, and wants to connect with their fellow enthusiasts, have fun, and maybe learn a thing or two along the way.

It seems like so many "traditional" car clubs have very strict rules about what sort of vehicle you have to have. I'm adamantly opposed to that idea, so this group doesn't work that way. Here, everyone is welcome. Into classic muscle cars? Awesome. You like imports? That's cool. Bahn burners more your thing? Sweet. Dream of dropping a small-block V8 into your Geo Metro? Yeah, you'll fit in just fine.

As a group, I plan to have some type of meet & greet event on a regular basis where we can meet new members and chat about whatever car-related topics come to mind. This could be either a cars & coffee type of meeting, or a cruise-in night where we can grab something to eat. Gateway racetrack and the SCCA have plenty of things to get involved in and go see, and during the colder months we can always watch a classic car movie or catch up on Top Gear. I plan on having tech days where we can get together and work on our cars. Also, I'm very open to ideas. The group is a work in progress, and it will only be what we make of it.

Really, I only have one rule for the group - keep things respectful (and have fun!). I recognize we're probably going to have a pretty diverse group of people, and car loyalties tend to run pretty deep. That's fine, but be respectful of other peoples' viewpoints. Remember, we're all gearheads here, and we share a common interest. Keep that in mind, and we'll get along great!

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