S.O.U.L. - Sharing Our Universal Light

Group Description

Are you feeling the shifts happening within and around you?

Are you tired of hearing and reading everyone else's story about what you should do with your life?

Are you ready to slow down, listen and trust what's true for YOU?

Are you ready toawaken to YOUR gift, YOUR purpose, YOUR love that desires expression?

That's what S.O.U.L. is all about...awakening that love within each of us...that unique gift that desires expression....then sharing it!

Do you enjoy traveling in small groups?
S.O.U.L has personal, meditative and reflective events for you.

Do you feel more comfortable in larger groups?
S.O.U.L. has seasonal concerts and celebrations for you.

How about traveling the Universe?
Oh, yeah...we're going there, too.

Are you ready?Then hoist your anchor and join us for wonder-filled adventures as we travel together, guided by the Stars, discovering hidden treasures within our soul. Join Us!

Not quite ready to Join? Go ahead and check out our web site to learn more about us: http://www.amycamie.com/soul.html(scroll to the bottom and experience a sample of our S.O.U.L. journeys) and www.theoriginsprocess.com